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We build, We Craft

Building Dreams

Through Construction

As a Capital Engineering Company, we firmly uphold the values of expertise, accuracy, and honesty. Our commitment to these principles drives our pursuit of excellence in every project, ensuring that our clients receive top-tier solutions they can trust.”

About Us

We Believe in Expertise, Accuracy, and Honesty.

With years of experience in the industry, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Capital Engineering is a nationwide engineering and advisory firm dedicated to supporting mission-oriented organizations in achieving their infrastructure and real estate objectives. 

A highly qualified team of professional engineers is on hand to provide technical design, oversee construction, and conduct inspections, all while prioritizing safety above all else. Our team of results-driven advisors will expertly steer clients through every phase of the development process, from feasibility analysis and financial structuring to transaction execution. This unique blend of consulting and engineering guarantees the success of every project at every stage of its development.

Let's work together to create sustainable and innovative construction solutions

We do this through: Large to small, Urban to rural, and Public to private. 

Our Services

Listen Better. Plan Better. Build Better

Portfolio Strategy

Decisions related to acquisitions, dispositions, capital improvements, cost reduction, and investments should not be reactive but rather approached strategically.

Engineering Services

Capital Engineering's mission is to enhance society by assisting private and public stakeholders in delivering and upholding high-quality civil infrastructure.

Design Services

Capital Engineering's committed professionals provide design services for all roadway components and right-of-way assets, including streetlights, signals, and utilities.

Project Delivery Advisory

Bringing a project to life involves determining the optimal approach for financing, procuring, and executing it, while harmonizing financial, strategic, and commercial needs. Our results-focused team partners with institutional clients to transform strategy into reality.

Construction Management & Inspection

CE's construction management and inspection services employ an innovative, proactive approach to address unforeseen challenges.

Facility Condition Assessment & Asset Inventory

CE's employs advanced technology and web-based software for accurate and efficient facility condition assessments following industry standards.

Operations Advisory

Capital Engineering enhances operational efficiency for individual facilities and portfolios by overseeing financial performance, resolving disputes, and restructuring agreements when necessary.

Permitting and Regulatory Support

Our team's deep understanding of permit requirements ensures efficient planning and constant client communication on review times and fees.

Program and Project Management

Capital Engineering, with strategic partners, offers program and project management for innovative initiatives spanning agencies and jurisdictions. Successful program management.

P3 Advisory Division's

At Capital Engineering, our core mission is to enhance society by assisting both private and government stakeholders in the successful delivery and maintenance of top-tier civil infrastructure. We offer a range of engineering services that aid in the planning, design, and construction of horizontal and social infrastructure projects, and continue to provide crucial asset management for these essential endeavors long after their completion.

Our experts support clients through the entire transaction process, from concept to execution.

Our experts devise practical real estate repositioning strategies, backed by market and financial analysis.

Our experts emphasize effective program and asset management for optimal outcomes.

Our Project to Come

Construction industry at its finest

Capital Engineering services, executed by skilled professionals, support infrastructure projects from planning and design to construction and ongoing asset management. Our main mission is to enhance society through capital improvements that promote equitable and stable communities.

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